Pointman offers leadership training through powerful seminars

Also see: Ethics Training

Seminar Content

  • Behavior of Inspirational Leaders
  • Leaders and Change
  • Character Traits of Trustworthy Leaders
  • Organizational Life-cycle
  • Ancient Foundational Principles

Participants Will Learn How to:

  • Identify good leadership and why it is not consistently seen
  • Overcome deteriorating leadership
  • Develop creativity, loyalty, and initiative in followers
  • Reduce time and burden of adjustment to change
  • Build a personal leadership action plan
  • Apply principle-based leadership to organizational culture

Core Seminars

Inspirational, Trustworthy Leaders: The Power of Character is a foundational PLI seminar built on the 8 major character traits that form the foundation of powerful, influential leaders.

Responsible Leadership and Ethics: Preventing Corruption demonstrates how character-based leadership influences an organization at all levels.